Work collaboratively on websites.

For teams building websites DogNotDuck is an embedded annotations tool that enables communication around changes. Instead of using emails, word/excel documents or project management software to give, track and action feedback and tasks, users can discuss issues directly on their website.

Save Time

Reviewers can just click and type to create an actionable list.

Improved Communications

Say more with less effort. Per-task communications allows for more concise dialogues.

Better Context

Key browser information is automatically captured providing context to team members actioning feedback.

Happier Teams

Saved time, less confusion and better quality work all results in a happier (and cooler) team.

Where can DogNotDuck be used?

DogNotDuck is a versatile web based tool that can be used on anything that has a url and a frontend. Anything ranging from enterprise level web applications to brochure websites.

  • Content Management Websites
  • E-commerce websites
  • ERP systems
  • Dashboards
  • CRM systems
  • Single Page applications
If it walks like a duck and it quacks like a duck, it's probably not a dog.

Show me how it works!

We have a DogNotDuck demo installed on this very website. Click the link below to log in and see it in action.

See Demo

Okay, I'm convinced. Let me start using it.

Head on over to our sign up page to get started. A team of three can use DogNotDuck for free.

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