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75% Time Saving

Would you like to shave 75% off time spent reviewing websites?

Better yet, would you like to do it for free?

DogNotDuck is an embedded website annotations and feedback tool for web designers, developers, project managers and anyone working on web projects. It allows team members to click and type to leave feedback, log tasks and then communicate on a per-task basis.

Research indicates that the longer bugs go without being identified, the more it costs to fix these bugs. Bugs can cost 100 times more if they make it as far as production. By improving communications with DogNotDuck, you will reduce this cost.

End the email tennis…

Most teams end up leaning on email to facilitate communications during the website feedback process. Email is great, but it’s simply not the right tool for the job. It does not capture the detailed information required to efficiently and effectively action feedback and bugs and results in follow up questions… See my comments in red… I don’t see that on my screen… Could you send me a link? What browser are you using?

Email tennis is frustrating and results in email dread among team members especially when there are multiple stakeholders involved all giving their input.

Using DogNotDuck, team members simply click and type to log feedback. Then, when another team member is reviewing that piece of feedback, they click a link and it brings them to the correct page at the correct browser width and automatically scrolls down to the relevant area on the page. It brings users to the crime scene to make sure they have the correct context.

We have just released DogNotDuck as a beta release and we are looking for users to take it for a spin and tell us what they think.

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Check out the demo to explore further…

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